What to tell mom about your new BF

Spilling those deets about your new BF can be awkward, especially if it’s to your mom! We know you don’t want to tell her about that uncomfortable kiss when your braces attached and you had to get your BFF to unhook it. Isn’t it bad enough that she drops you off in front of his house? Do you really have to tell her anything about your relationship? Yes! But we’ll tell you which things are important to share with mom and which ones are okay to keep to yourself.

Share the plans
When you’re going out with your new BF, always tell your mom where! Even if he’s taking you to Chuck-E-Cheese, your ‘rents need to know. Make sure that you text her as soon as you leave-- if anything goes wrong, she’ll be available to pick you up. Telling her where you are won’t make things less romantic. Don’t worry, moms know not to pop in on dates (but feel free to warn her just in case). Also, if you’re meeting up with other people, tell her. Your new cutie might hang with a different crowd and, for your own safety, tell her what they’re like. She’ll be happy how open you are with her and will love gossiping about the new kids you met!

Under pressure
You and your BF heart kissing and cuddling, but what if he wants to go further? Talking to your mom about swapping spit is YUCK, so it can be challenging to get advice on whether you’re ready for more. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the physical info with your mom, pretend that you’re talking about a friend! Just say, “Amber has this new guy who keeps begging her to make out, but she’s not ready. What should she do?” Moms give the best advice and you won’t even have to tell her it’s about you! If your BF gets more aggressive, it’s time to tell mom the truth. Trust us, she was once a teenager too and probably won’t judge your situation. Just be honest!

No use for abuse
If your BF seems controlling, tell your mom right away. We believe that trust and happiness are a must for every relationship. If, instead, you feel scared and uncomfortable, it is possible that he could be abusive. Sending too many texts, asking where you are constantly, and insulting you are all forms of relationship abuse. Informing your mom about strange behavior is important because she will help you read the signs. Show her some texts and ask her if they seem sketchy. She will help you come up with a plan of action on how to escape any possible danger.
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by Yael Frischling | 2/1/2016
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