9 stages of introducing a guy to your overprotective brother

So you've been dating this dude for a while, and everything is going great...until he has to meet your brother. 

1.The first time your BF comes over, you're desperate to answer the door first and ease him into the situation. Unfortunately, so is your bro.

2. And, of course, your track star brother gets there before you do.

3. You hurry through introductions, hoping you can scooch the boy out before your brother can say something stupid.

4. You don't succeed.

5. Even worse? It kind of seems like he's kidding, but you know better.

6. When you turn to your dad for support, he comes through...for your brother.

7. Every time your brother makes a stupid joke, you lock eyes with your BF and attempt to communicate with him telepathically.

8. The second your BF leaves, you *freak out* on big bro.

9. But at the end of the day, you know he's only overprotective because he cares...and you love him for it.

Have you ever introduced a BF to a protective relative? How do you ease any awkwardness?  

Photo credit: Instagram/Spencer List


by Kendyl Walker | 2/14/2018