14 family vacay struggles that are way too real

Ah, the yearly family vacation. It's summer and you're out of school, which can only mean one thing–it's time to hit the road! You, your 'rents and your siblings pack up your bags and head out to the great outdoors or a fabulous destination for some quality bonding time. But whether it's a stuffy car, arguing parents or a whiny sis, family vacations can be rough. You love your family but sometimes, the struggle can be more than real.

1. When you try to remind everyone to bring *only* what they need

Packing light isn't a strength for your family.

2. When getting out the door on time requires skills that you currently don’t possess

Someone is always running late even if it's not you.

3. When tensions run high and result in small meltdowns during the trip

Everyone remain calm. I repeat, everyone remain calm.

4. When people stare at your family at a restaurant and you have to act normal

Other people have even asked to be moved away from your table because you're so loud.

5. When your parents hand you the wheel and *promise* to remain calm

You pull over after about five minutes because you just can't deal.

6. When you try to adopt a “go-with-the-flow attitude”

You say, "It's my way or the highway." Period. Boom.

7. When your dad asks you to smile for the camera for the millionth time

Is this what smiling feels like? You can't remember.

8. When you share a room with your fam and can barely keep your eyes open the next day

Sweet dreams are hard to come by when Dad snores, Mom talks in her sleep and your sister kicks like crazy.

9. When getting into formation for family photos requires some coordinating

Finding the right pose for everyone is a constant struggle.

10. When deciding where to eat makes you scream

Pick a restaurant. Any restaurant. Please.

11. When you and your brother *totally* know how to act your age

You both say simultaneously, "I didn't start it!"

12. When you’ve spent every second of every day with your family for the past week

You need space. Now.

13. When all your friends are surprised that you survived the trip

"The vacation was fine but please don't ask me to go into the details of our trip."

14. When you get home and realize you really do love your fam

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and besides, you all made some awesome memories and have tons of stories to tell. If you didn't know better, you'd say you were excited for next year's family vacation!

How do you survive a family vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Morgan Ome | 7/8/2016
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