#Familyprobs: Why being the oldest can be the worst


If you're an only child, you know the constant struggle of having to be the angel child, the one who sets an example for your younger siblings so they can grow up to be civil human beings. Basically you're the guinea pig that your parents test out. You're the child who gets the strict rules and the constant nagging while your siblings grow up in a less stressful environment. I feel you ladies, I'm the oldest child as well and we're all going through the same thing. It's time to reflect on the huge responsibility that us older children have hanging above our heads.

1. You're stuck with most of the chores.


For some reason, it's ok when your younger sibling suddenly diappears after dinner. Sure you'll just be the one who clears the table, vacuums, and washes the dishes. But when you try to sneak away any other day your mom will nag that you never do anything around the house. How does your younger sibling do it!?

2. It's always your fault.


If you and your sister get into a cat fight, it's your fault. If your brother ate a crayon, it's your fault. No matter what they do, you always get the blame because you should've been "watching them" or because you're supposed to "set an example". Suddenly you've become your kid sisters' parent and not just a sibling who's just worried about what nail polish shade to wear for the first day of school.

3. Your siblings are able to do things that at their age you weren't allowed to do.


Remember when you begged and begged your parents for a cell phone in 5th grade but couldn't get one until 8th? Remember when walking around the mall alone with your friend was not an option? Well now, your sibling asks and they're automatically handed whatever they want.

4.Playing with them can sometimes be a chore.


Your younger bro is adorable, and you love him. But playing with Legos? Transformers? Not so much. Being the oldest sometimes means playing with your younger siblings even if you're not in the mood. Sometimes you'd rather be going out to get froyo with your buds or lounging at the pool with your fave magazine.

5.Seeing them hit puberty is so weird!


Your sister hitting her teens is a hard slap in the face, she isn't just moody but she has attitude and sass! Did she seriously just roll her eyes at you? When did her comebacks become so insulting? It's even more awkward when she gets her period and your mom tells you to talk to her about it and offer her advice. Really mom? And let's not even get to your brother. We'll just let that one pass.

6. Even though you don't like them all the time you're extremely overprotective of them.


Sure you call them names and fight with them all the time. Sometimes it even leads to pinching or slapping. But when your brother has a bully, or your sister is being called names by a meanie at school, you quickly interfere. There's no way you'll let someone hurt your little sibling. When you see your sibling upset, you put that bully in his or her place, whether it's talking to them or getting a parent or teacher involved.

7. Your sibling copies EVERYTHING you do


Sure maybe it's a little flattering, but once you realize your matching outfits on the bus to school, you can't help but be extremely embarrassed. Your sibling looks up to you for everything, so of course they're going to copy you every so often. It's the worst when your going to do something with your friends, and your sibling wants to come. Of course your mom is going to ask "why don't you bring Stephanie along?"

8. Your younger sibling can't keep a secret


Sometimes you tell your little brother your secret crush, or you realize your little sister saw you break your mom's favorite vase. Whatever it is, your siblings simply cannot keep a secret and spill it for all of the world to hear.

9. You're seen as the goodie-two-shoes of the family.


Who made us this way? Our parents of course! They made us terrified of them so we would follow every rule and demand. Now your sibling is seen as the kid who beats to their own drum, and knows how to take risks. Doesn't this just make you a little angry? They're being appraised for beating the system. Inside you want to scream to your parents "YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!"

10. Finally, when you take some control to help your parents out, you're called bossy.


There's no way to be on your parents' and your siblings' sides. It's one or the other and that can be extremely hard and stressful. Which side will you take?

What do you think GL Girls? What other problems do you have when being the oldest? Share in the comments below!

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by Viviana Santini | 7/30/2016
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