How to bond with your little bro


Let's face it—having a younger brother can be a blessing *and* a curse. One minute, you guys are laughing and having a great time, and the next minute you're fighting each other for the remote. At times it might seem very difficult to connect with your little bro, or even just try to get along. But it's actually easier than you'd think to build the bond with your younger brother. Here's how:

Talk more.
Communication is key. You have to find out the common ground to talk to your younger brother. That means finding out about what he likes and maybe even doing a little research over the topic. Ask him about the things which you may not know but he may be good at. Or just ask him about his friends (or girlfriend!). Step up and initiate the convo to show him you're interested.

Set aside a weekly sib date.
You're probably thinking, "But I spend practically my whole life with him!" Even though this is true, taking some time out of your own sched to have one-on-one time with him is crucial to forging a special bond with your little bro. This could include simply taking a nature walk with him, getting ice cream, going ice-skating, whatever floats your boat! Even though he might not act like he wants to spend time with you, inside we know he definitely does.

Find a common interest.
Even though you may think the two of you are completely different--he likes football and cartoons and you like soccer and theatre--if you try to pay more attention to him, you'll eventually find something you both can enjoy and do together. Shooting hoops, anyone?

Accept who he is.
Understanding each other's differences yet still accepting them is super important. As an older sib, it is your responsibility to make your brother feel good about who he is, no matter how unique that may be. Be supportive and encourage him to be himself always.

Make up after you fight.
Fighting with a younger brother is inevitable, but you shouldn't hold grudges...those will only eat away at your relationship. If it is your fault, then to apologize and let the past be the past. Set a good example as a big sis.

What do you and your little bro do to build your relationship? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Cecelia Yost | 12/27/2017
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