Seven steps to being a better big sister


Older siblings are tasked with a lotfrom setting the standard to getting good grades to being the best role model you can be. With *so* much responsibility, it can be hard to keep up with everything. Especially because you really do want the best for your younger sibs and want them to know that anything you can do, they can do, too. Follow our steps below to slaying your status as big sis, and remember that you don't have to be perfect (in fact, that's impossible!) just have to try.

Step 1
Be patientit’s not only a good skill to demonstrate but also to use. Taking the time to help your younger sib with their homework or teach them the new soccer trick you just learned shows them that you care about them and are always willing to help them out.

Step 2
Always be a team player. Your little sis might have a hard enough time sharing her Barbies but seeing the way you work well with others can change that.  

Step 3
Strive for your personal best. That could be anything from trying out for the school play even though you're *so* nervous or skipping a party to stay home and study for your algebra exam. Your hard work and determination encourages your siblings to do the same on both the big and little things.

Step 4
Plan out sib time. Hanging out with your besties might be more fun (especially if your siblings are a lot younger than you), but bonding with your fam is super important. They look up to you and want to feel like like they're valued and "cool" enough for you. Bonus: If you really want to make them feel special, use code names and come up with a special name for your hangout time or even a secret handshake or password!

Step 5
Think before you act. It's one thing to be spontaneous, but it's another to be impulsive and just plain foolish. Taking time to think through decisions before you make 'em is a big part of being mature. So teach your younger sib to do the same.

Step 6
Be a nice person. Sounds easy, but it can be harder than you think. It involves helping others, showing compassion and staying positive. It *doesn't* involve gossiping, backstabbing or just being plain mean. Remember that the next time you're tempted to bash your frenemy in front of your little sis...

Step 7
Remember confidence is key. Lead by example and remind your siblings to always be the most unique amazing craziest version of themselves. Let them know that you love them no matter what they do or say and that nothing could change that.

What are your steps to being a role model? Share in the comments below.

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by Britnee Wright | 4/18/2018