Struggles *every* oldest child can relate to

As the eldest child, life can be pretty rough. Sure it's great that you can boss your younger sibs around and also be the family leader but there are definitely downsides. If you're the oldest in your fam, you'll totally relate to these GIFs. 

1. Your parents are beyond hard on you. As the first child they really don't know any better. Inevitably you’re the kid that they try all of their crazy parenting tricks on to see how you turn out so they know what to and not to do with your other siblings. 

2. There is a laundry list of rules that existed in your childhood that most definitely do not impact your younger siblings. You had to wait until middle school to get a cell phone? Your siblings got theirs in 4th grade! 

3. Once you get your license you become the driver for the rest of your family. Carpooling your siblings to and from school, grocery store runs and more. You thought your license would be an opportunity for freedom? You thought wrong. 

4. Your siblings love to tattle on you. Even though you’ve out grown the practice, it feels like they never will. They love running over to your parents to get you in trouble like...

5. Your parents are probably highly protective over you, from the decisions you make to the few places you're allowed to go.

6. Your siblings likely love to copy off of everything you do. And we mean everything.

7. It doesnt matter if you already had plans, your parents will leave you at the house to babysit your siblings with no hesitation...for free. 

8. Your parents have exceedingly high expectations for you that they likely don't have for your siblings. Your siblings probably get away with just about anything. 

At the end of the day while the struggle might be real, there will always be a special place in your parents hearts for you as their first born. 

Can you relate to any of these struggles? Let us know in the comments below! 

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by Sydney Haywood | 9/26/2018