How to have a relationship with your significantly older sister

There's never a dull moment at home when you have siblings, but not everyone has siblings close in age. If you and you sister have a big age difference it can be hard to maintain a relationship with her, especially if she doesn't live at home anymore and you rarely get to see her throughout the year. 

There are some positives when it comes to having older sibs. They're kind of like your second parent, without all the rules and punishments parents can give you. You can confide in them, they can share good advice about situations they've been through and they are more relatable when your parents just don't understand.

Here are some ways you can strengthen your relationship with your sister, regardless of the age gap between you two.

Plan dates

Find something fun you two enjoy doing, and schedule those dates at least once a month. Whether it's getting your nails done, hair done, shopping, eating out or just lounging around to binge watch Netflix, nothing beats simple quality time! Set these intentional dates with your older sib to catch up on life while doing the very thing you two enjoy, together!

Call her often

If your sister is away at college or living in another state, try weekly phone calls. This is a great way to catch her up on your latest school crush or life at home with your parents. Let her know you are thinking of her by picking up the phone or sending a quick text.

Ask her for advice

There is a great chance that whatever you are going through, your older sister has gone through it too! What better way to get advice from someone you trust and who has that very experience you are currently dealing with? Older sisters are perfect for sharing secrets and asking for advice on things that you may not feel comfortable sharing with a parent just yet. Confide in her, and you'll be sure to get pushed in the right direction.

What are some ways you deal with maintaining a relationship with your older sibling(s)? Let us know in the comments! 


by Toyin Akinwande | 3/13/2018
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