Play these board games with your fam while you’re stuck at home

Got a case of quarantine jitters? Adopting a board game as a new at-home activity helps the time pass while simultaneously relieving some of your stress. Although they may be old-school, being reminded of games from your childhood can actually instill you with a sense of nostalgia.

"I've been playing board games for my entire life," says Ariel ("Baby Ariel") Martin, who recently starred in Disney Channel's Zombies 2. "It's important to come together at the end of the day and do things with your entire family. My parents, my brother, and I especially love Clue because it works our brains while we're enjoying each other's company." See below for board games that ensure endless family fun, even amid the current global chaos.


Get your magnifying glasses ready—Channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes is crucial in helping you figure out the facts behind the game's murder mystery. 


The classic property trading game is all the more fun when it comes with a theme. From Friends to The Simpsons to "Dog-Opoly," there are *so* many options to add to your collection.


Race to the finish line while meeting characters Princess Lolly, Lord Licorice, Mr. Mint and more along the way. Pair the activity with your own stash of sweets for the ultimate at-home treat.


Guess what animal, food, or object is on your headband by asking your opponents "yes" or "no" questions. P.S. Polaroids of your family sporting the game's "accessory" will ensure laughs for weeks to come.


Is your school art class suspended? Put your drawing skills to the test as you try to match a sketch to a word—no letter grades needed!

The Game of Life

Navigate the life of your character as they undergo careers, marriage, children and more. Want to raise the stakes? Make a bet with your fam that whoever "retires" with the most money gets dibs on seconds at dessert!


Move colored pieces around the board in an attempt to be the first to make it "home." Friendly competition with the ones you love? Now that's nothing to be sorry for.

What's your game night pick? Comment below!

Slider Image: Azami Adiputera via Shutterstock


by Carrie Berk | 3/25/2020