What to do when...Mom reads your diary

Here's this sitch: "I keep a diary and my parents are divorced so I switch between houses every week. I have this really big suspicion that my mom reads it on the weeks that I'm not at her house. For example, when I learned a secret about my mom I wrote it in my diary. The next week she took me into her room and asked me if I heard or saw something in her room. She was acting like I knew her secret.

Another night I got really mad at my stepdad because he was yelling at me. I wrote in my diary that I hated him. The next week I came back to my mom's house and she asked me if I felt badly about my stepdad. Does that mean she looks in it? If she does, how can I stop her? My diary already has a lock on it! I can't just go up to her and tell her to stop looking in it when I am not even positive that she actually is. I have considered putting a dirty, juicy lie that would make her concerned and see if she fesses up that she looks in my diary. What should I do? HELP ME!

Hey girl, keeping a diary is a good way to vent and really express yourself. I’ve been keeping one since I was 13 and it definitely helps me get through some tough times. But other people reading your private thoughts? Not so cool.

Ask mama if she's invading your privacy
You don’t know for sure if your mom is reading your diary, so you shouldn’t assume that she is. Instead of thinking she’s a snoop, it may be best to talk to her. Make sure you’re not confrontational and explain to your mother why your PRIVATE diary is important to you. Try something along the lines of, “Hey Mom, my diary is really special to me and it would really make me uncomfortable if you read it. If you have a question about something, I would appreciate if you ask me about it first.”

Be honest!
Your mom will respect your honesty and she’ll be impressed by how maturely you've handled the situation. And if she were reading your diary behind your back, chances are she’ll think twice before opening it now. Keep the lines of communication open and you’ll have a great relationship. Good luck, hon, you can do it!


by L'oreal Thompson | 1/28/2018