11 things best friends should never do

Concerned about your relationship with your BFF? Here is a quick list of 11 things she should never do to you. Any of them sound familiar?

Need a reminder of your birthday. It should be starred, highlighted and have a countdown on her calendar!

Talk to others about you behind your back. Anything she says about you should be said to your face.

Post something bad about you on social media. If something you did is bothering her, she should tell you, not the whole world.

Forget your favorite color (robin’s egg blue, duh!). Your list of faves should be permanently etched into her memory.

Not pick you when she's team captain. You should always be her first choice.

“Borrow” anything of yours and then “forget” to return it.

Ditch your plans to hang with someone else (even if it's her super cute crush).

Criticize you to make herself feel better. She should never want to put you down, especially if it's for her own benefit.

Steal your crush—you saw him first. Sharing boys is a big no-no.

Try to make you feel worse about something you've done. She should help you move past it, not linger on the topic.

Share your secrets. What you tell her is between you and her ONLY. It's supposed to be confidential!

What's your number-one BFF no-no? Tell us in the comments! 

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by Alyson Katz | 2/1/2016