10 amaze gifts to get your BFF for her birthday


Buying birthday presents for our good friends can be stressful, because we want them to be *perfect.* How can we find something that we know our friends will like, and will communicate how much we care about them, but also won't break the bank? We can pour our hearts into our friends' birthday cards, and let them know how much we appreciate them, but shopping for them can still be rough.

Don't worry, because we've compiled a list of 10 super-fun items that will make great gifts for your bestie!

1. These dainty, inexpensive beaded bracelets from Target--available in gold and silver!


2. Does she love to read? You can buy a beautiful, Puffin in Bloom version of one of these classics for less than $15.


3. Is she a future scientist? This adorable friendship necklace set will make her smile.


4. Does she dream of traveling the world? Get one of these ceramic skyline trinket dishes, and choose either Paris, London, or NYC.


5. Is she always cold? Buy her this comfy sweatshirt, available in four different, fashionable colors.


6. Is she a photographer-in-training? She can cart around her camera in this awesome, themed tote bag.


7. Want to tell her how much you care? Hanging this up in her room will send the message, and be a fun birthday surprise.


8. Does she like to make a statement? Get her these to use all summer long.


9. Is she your study buddy? Check out PB Teen's desk accessory sets in tons of cute patterns.


10. This weekly goals planner to hang up on her door—chalk included. 


What's the best gift you ever received? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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by Bridget Curley | 8/27/2017