The most memorable on-screen mean girls...and how to handle them IRL

In every school, there is always that mean girl or popular girl that acts like she's better than everyone else. You know who we're talking about? Trust, we can't stand her either. Below, check out some of the most horrible mean girl moments that have happened on-screen and how to handle them if they ever occur in person.

The mean girl: Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls
Remember when Regina George got too big and could only wear sweatpants? Well.. she got told off for it and was forced to leave the table.

The IRL solution: Being embarrassed by a friend is never nice. If you find yourself with popular people and have to do things you don't like to fit or be part of the group , then that's definitely not the group for you. Find a squad that complements your lifestyle instead where you can really be yourself.

The mean girl: Sharpay Evans in High School Musical
She was the ultimate queen bee at school. She lived a lavish lifestyle and expected that everything was has handed to her, especially lead roles in the school play. She often made people feel beneath her.

The IRL solution: Friends should make you feel special, or at least as their equals. Find a friend that appreciates you for you and never expects you to treat her like a queen. Remember, friendships are meant to be 50/50 so both of you should be making effort, not just you.

The mean girl: Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens
Yikes! She was definitely someone to be afraid of in college. Good luck if you ever got in her way. It's interesting that she survived for so long on the show with the way she  treated people.

The IRL solution: Hopefully, you are never put in a life or death situation, but in *any* sticky sitch, your friends should look out for you the same way you would look out for them. If you have a friend who is only there for you when things are good (and who runs away the minute you try to lean on her for support), she might not be a good one to keep around.

The mean girl: Mona in Pretty Little Liars
Despite being one of Hannah's closest friends, Mona ended up manipulating the girls with their secrets and putting them in life threatening situations. Not okay.

The IRL solution: It's important to find a friend that you can trust with secrets and won't use them to make you do dangerous stuff. The same thing applies to you, too. If a friend tells you something in confidence, keep it to yourself! Don't ever use it against her or make light of it. Trust is key in a relationship.

The mean girl: Regina George in Mean Girls
Regina was the most desired person to be in high school and the most manipulative amongst her friends. Remember when Cady liked Aaron Samuels and Regina knew but still flirted with him openly in front of her? too.

The IRL solution: Liking someone that your friend is involved with is definitely uncomfortable but it's even worse when that same friends knows and torments you about it. If you find yourself in this situation, be clear about your feelings for this person toward your friend and make sure it doesn't affect your friendship. No guy is worth losing a bestie over.

Have you ever experienced one of these mean girls in your own life? Let us know below! 

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by Timi Awoyinka | 7/5/2017