Is your bestie mad at you? How to find out

Friendships have their ups and downs—sometimes everything is unicorns and rainbows, and other times, it's just not. And those down times (aka when your bestie is upset with you) aren't always super obvious because not everyone shows their anger or hurt the same way. If you're wondering whether or not your BFF is mad at you, read these tips to find out.

1. She is acting distant. You usually sit together on the bus but she's been sitting with someone else this week. And when you text her after school, she doesn't respond for hours. If your friend is acting distant you might want to ask her what's going on, or tell her that you feel like she's avoiding you. 

2. She is quiet towards you. You're chattering away about what your crush said to you in the hall when you realize she's barely said more than two words in response. When a friend is quieter towards you, this might mean that something is bothering her. She could also just be having a bad day and need a friend to talk to. 

3. She makes excuses every time you want to hang out with her. People have busy schedules, but if your friend is saying that she's busy every single time you want to hang out with her, something might be up. Especially if she said no to a Starbucks date (you know how obsessed she is with soy vanilla lattes!).

4. She's a little too sarcastic. Sarcasm can be used jokingly, but if someone uses it too much then this can lead to tension or anger. In this situation it may be best to pull your friend aside, and tell her that her sarcastic comments are getting out of hand. Tell her that some of her comments make you think that she is are upset with you and ask her what's wrong. 

5. She has a bad temper or always seem to be annoyed with you. If your friend freaked out on you just because you accidentally stepped on her toe walking to class, that means that something is probably upsetting her. You may want to let her cool down, and then try talking to her. 

6. She tries to make you mad or annoyed. Sometimes when a friend is upset, she may try to make you mad, too. The solution? Keep your calm and figure out what's *really* going on.

7.  She tries to turn your friends against you. When a friend feels like she is losing you, she wants to have your other friends on her side. It's important to take the high road and talk to her one-on-one before rumors start or the problem gets any worse. Most of all, do not start trying to turn your pals against her as revenge. Never ever a good idea.

8.  She shows every sign that she clearly does not want to be around you. If someone avoids being around you, talking to you or even looking at you, then they are most likely upset with you or mad at you. Some people distance themselves when they are upset, and it may take them time before they get over it. Saying sorry or apologizing to her might help, even if you don't know what you did wrong. 

How do you know when your friend is mad at you? Share below! 


by Mary Kate Biser | 7/14/2017