How to find your *perfect* friend group this school year

Friends are crucial in life and everyone wants to find the people that they fit in with. Falling into the wrong friend group can get you hurt. Follow these tips and you'll be sure to find some besties you'll have for life.

Be yourself.
Stay true to yourself and you will find your meant-to-be friends. Pretending to be someone you're not is just exhausting and you'll end up with girls who don't really like the real you. Besides, you're awesome just the way you are (promise!) so why try to act like anyone else?

Join clubs.
Extracurricular activities are a *perfect* way to meet new people—and potential pals. Join clubs or activies that you are interested in to surround yourself with classmates who already have something in common with you. If you love to read, sign up for the school book club. If computers are more your thing, join the robotics team. And don't be afraid to try something new or step out of your comfort zone. It'll be worth it!  

Don't settle.  
You deserve the best in life and out of your friendships. Don't allow yourself to be friends with someone who isn't treating you right or is just taking advantage of you. Someone who only contacts you when they need something or someone to complain to is not a true friend. Find friendships that are balanced and two-sided—those will be the ones that last and bring you happiness.  

Let it happen naturally.
Try not to rush (or force) your friendships. It might take some time to build your killer squad, but it will happen, trust. Plus, having one true bestie is *way* better than having a group of faux friends. Don't overthink it and just enjoy your school year—the more relaxed and happy and confident you are, the more you'll attract the right crowd.

How did you find your besties? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 


by Natalie Bland | 8/18/2018