Plan the *perfect* study date for you and your BFF

Everything is better when you're with your BFF...even studying, trust. Let us help you plan the perfect BFF-approved homework date and you'll be raking in all the A's.

1. Get your snacks ready.
What's a good date without food? Make sure to have plenty of snacks available because, uh, brain food! Plus, with all of the snacks your heart desires within reach, you won't have the distraction of going back and forth to the kitchen whenever you get tired of doing homework. Try to go for something simple that doesn't require a lot of attention and isn't too messy (no teacher wants to be handed an assignment with day-old lasagna sauce on it). You can stick to classics like chips or fruit or check out this list of homework-friendly study snacks that you can quickly prepare before your study session.

2. Turn on the tunes.
Studying away in silence is no fun so make a Spotify playlist of you and your BFF'S favorite jams to get the creative juices flowing. Add as much music as possible so you're not distracted by trying to figure out the next song. Go for tunes that aren't too hype (aka no turning your homework sesh into a dance party!). No time for making playlists? No problem. You can always throw on one of your favorite albums or a premade playlist instead. 

3. Get organized.
Procastinating by yourself is already an issue and putting your best friend in the mix can make for even more distractions. Make a schedule to help stay on track and if you have classes together, work on the assignments for those classes before breaking off to do your own work. Plan what homework you're going to do first, second, third, etc. This way once you're done with one assignment, you can move on to the next without thinking about it. Instead of trying to get everything done in one go, set a couple five or ten minute breaks to give yourself something to look forward to and help break up the workload. Lastly, keep each other on track. If you see your BFF getting distracted, help bring them back to the task at hand, and have them do the same for you. What else are friends for if not to help you be great?

4. Plan for post-homework fun. 
Although hanging with your BFF is fun no matter what you're doing, homework can only be made so bearable. Have something fun planned to do if you finish your work in a timely fashion. This way, you'll have a little more incentive to get through your schoolwork with as little procrastination as possible. Don't rush through it thoughyou still want to do your best and turn in good work. 

What do you do to make homework fun? Let us know in the comments.

by Cydnii Jones | 10/9/2017
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