13 things to do with your besties on Friday the 13th

Everyone knows that Friday the 13th is a superstitious day, but no one knows why! It's said to be a day of bad luck—so avoid mirrors, ladders and black cats. But just because it's a spooky day doesn't mean you can't have fun with friends. Here are *13* fun activities to do with your girlfriends on a scary Friday night.

1. Watch a scary movie
Still haven't seen Get Out by Jordan Peele yet? This is the perfect night. It's a nice mix of humor, horror and social awareness all in one.  

2. Share spooky stories
Get creative! Come up with the spookiest story plot you can think of and whoever has to scariest story wins.

3. Binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix
Two seasons of Stranger Things is sure to have you up all night at the edge of your seats. Save Will!

4. Play Dare or Double Dare
Have your bestie scared out her socks with crazy challenges you know they wouldn't normally do. 

5. Prank phone-call your crush
There's nothing scarier than calling your crush with nothing to say. Call them as someone else with a fake script and hear their reaction—but let them know it's a prank so they don't get too freaked out.

6. Have a scavenger hunt
Gather up all the scary items you can find and place them around the house. Whoever finds the most items wins a prize (your pick!).

7. Make spooky treats
Turn regular brownie mix into a scary character with colorful icing and sprinkles!

8. Spread positive vibes
Turn this supertitious day of bad luck into a positive one with a little bit of positivity. Tell each other 13 things that make each of your buds special. You'll be sure to have a heart-warming night!

9. Make spooky face masks
Pamper each other with a refreshing face mask, and walk around the house with it on to scare your bro.

10. Pet a black cat
A black cat is *just* a cat. Don't be afraid!

11. Write letters to your future selves and put it in a box
Save it for next year to see what has changed about you and your besties.

12. Learn the Thriller choreography
Watching the most classic music video filled with amazing dance moves is the *best* way to spend your night. Learn the choreography to impress your classmates at the next school dance!

13. Share your greatest fears
Spiders? Ghosts? Embarrasing yourself in front of your biggest crush? Share it with your friends to see who has the greatest fear!


by Toyin Akinwande | 4/13/2018
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