8 underrated chick flicks to watch at your next sleepover

We all love a good sleepover—from giggling through the night to spilling your not-so-secret crushes. A laugh-out-loud movie can make the night even better and give your friend group tons of silly inside jokes. Check out these chick flicks and queue them up for your next hang!

Sleepover (2004)

Join Julie and her friends on this epic, all-out scavenger hunt adventure that takes them all over town. As they embark on their quest to best the mean girls, they find themselves facing new situations, meeting new friends and making incredible memories together. Just like the perfect slumber party, this flick has plenty of pizza and pranks. but also sweet realizations about friendship and growing up. Available on YouTube Movies to stream for free (with ads).

Prom (2011)

Whether or not you've actually been to prom, you'll love this fabulous film about the intertwining stories of a group of teens before their big day. Between Nova, who just wants Brandon to ask her to prom already, Jesse, who plans to avoid the dance at all costs, and Mei, who struggles with a big secret, there are *plenty* of characters to root for. We're sure that you'll find yourself crossing your fingers for their high-school happily-ever-afters! Available on Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Passport to Paris (1999)

This delightful romp through the streets of Paris stars everyone's favorite twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Featuring fab Y2K fashion (baby tees and tiny shades, anyone?), adorable French boys and sightseeing galore, this movie is the equivalent of comfort food. Not to mention the sassy, satisfying shopping montages (because only the Olsen twins could befriend a Parisian supermodel). In other words? It's a feel-good, can't-miss flick with MK&A at their finest. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

What a Girl Wants (2003)

Daphne's your typical teenage girl until she travels to England to meet her dad, who's actually—wait for it—a British lord. Sounds amazing, right? But Daphne soon discovers that the elegant world of English politics is a *lot* different than her casual NYC lifestyle. Although she befriends (and falls for) a local London boy, she has trouble fitting in with her dad and future stepfamily. Follow Daphne on her hilarious and heartfelt journey about understanding her true self and who she's really meant to be. Available on Netflix.

Work It (2020)

This Netflix film is full of meaningful messages, engaging experiences and, naturally, dazzling dance numbers. Sabrina Carpenter plays Quinn, a high school senior who has two left feet when it comes to dancing—but she has to prove she has top-notch skills if she wants to get into her dream college. Sounds impossible, right? Filled with lots of heart, LOL-worthy moments and an amazingly catchy soundtrack, this is about to be your new fave dance flick. Plus, it also stars Jordan Fisher and Liza Koshy! Available on Netflix.

A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits (2016)

One of the most recent entries from the Cinderella Story movie franchise, this fresh and funny flick is often overshadowed by the Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez versions. Luckily for us, this one is just as cute and charming as its predecessors—and did we mention it stars Descendants' Sofia Carson? Featuring a case of double identity reminiscent of Hannah Montana, belt-worthy ballads and a talented protagonist who's a car mechanic *and* an actress, this retelling just might be your favorite one yet. Available on HBO Max.

Frenemies (2012)

High School MusicalDescendants, and Teen Beach Movie are DCOM royalty for a reason—they're iconic films that defined generations and celebrate friendship and individuality. Frenemies is another amazing friendship-focused DCOM, but with a twist—what happens when you have a BFF breakup? Featuring three separate stories about how three pairs of best friends navigate disagreements and misunderstandings, this film feels refreshingly real. But it doesn't stray too far from the classic DCOMs, starring tons of Disney Channel celebs (like Zendaya!) and highlighting *seriously* on-point fashion looks. Available on Disney+.

Dog Days (2018)

This heartwarming rom-com follows everyday people—and their precious pooches—as their paths cross in sunny L.A. With Walter, who just wants to find his lost pup; Tara, who has a crush on a handsome vet; and many more, there's *definitely* someone you'll relate to and cheer for till the end. Plus, you'll feel so satisfied with how everyone's lives converge throughout the film (psst: just like real life!). With aww-worthy romance, sweet family moments and adorable pups, what more do you want from a movie? Available on Hulu.

Happy watching! What are your favorite chick flicks to stream at sleepovers? Tag us @girlslifemag and let us know!

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by Ariane Faro | 7/9/2021