4 friendship tips *every* girl should follow this year

'Tis the season...for forming your best friendships yet.

This time of year is ~all~ about gratitude. It's also the perfect moment to remind your closest crew how much you care about them. With the help of LEGO Friends (check out all the fun here!), we asked GL girls how they spread love and support to their squad (and we *so* heart their amazingly kind ideas). Watch the vid below then read on for relatable advice on friend forgiveness, can't-miss BFF bonding tips and so much more...

Friendship Tip 1: Show up for your squad.

"Loyalty is super important," explains GL girl Tori. "Respect goes both ways when forming a strong friendship." The brightest BFFs can stay close and cheer each other on—even when they're pursuing their own passions. So show up  in the stands at your bestie's soccer finals or start the standing ovation after choir solos. We know she'll pick up on the enthusiastic vibes—and do the same for you.

Friendship Tip 2: Forgive your friends.

When you're close to someone, it's natural to disagree. But before you let stubbornness hold your bond back, make an effort to see things from your friend's point of view. GL girl Kate has amazing advice to forgive and forget following a friend fight: "After we argue, my BFF and I do a friendship hug. The hug reminds us that, even though things got hard, we're still there for each other no matter what," she shares. 

Friendship Tip 3: Branch out to discover BFFs.

GL girl Kaitlyn has the *best* wisdom on finding your crew: "If you're looking to make new friends, start by connecting with a couple of people in your classes," she advises. Your shared love of science labs or Shakespeare (or even struggles over extra large study packets) is sure to provide a basis for a bond. Then, take the convo out of the classroom by inviting a new friend over for a homework hang. 

Friendship Tip 4: Have fun together! 

Amid all the deep conversations, life talks and friendship hugs, don't forget to just let loose and have fun with your friends. So what are you waiting for? Invite your squad over for *all* the inside joke laughs, silly dance parties and memorable DIYs.

And remember that every moment doesn't need to be major to be great: "I actually prefer to hang out with a couple of friends instead of a huge group because you can pay attention to everyone and really get closer," says GL girl Sophia. We heart it!

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by GL | 11/8/2021