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Expectations vs. Reality: Spring edition


Spring is right around the corner, and after spending months in snowy and dreary weather, we're certainly ready to switch it up. But while the word “spring” brings to mind all sorts of wonderful things: flowers, romance, carefree days in the sun (to name a few), it doesn't always live up to our expectations. Check it out:

EXPECTATION: Beautiful blooms, birds chirping, tons of sunshine…


REALITY: Rain, rain and more rain.


EXPECTATION: Breaking out your sundresses, shorts and tanks.


REALITY: Regretting putting your sweaters in storage when there's a surprise snowstorm.


EXPECTATION: Going on an epic Spring Break with your BFFs


REALITY: Staying at home catching up on HW and Netflix binging.


EXPECTATION: Flinging open your windows and breathing in the fresh air.


REALITY: Allergies.


EXPECTATION: Falling in love <3


REALITY: Still single, with slightly better weather. Hey, we'll take it.


What do you hope Spring will be like? Are you ready for nicer weather and more sun? Tell us in the comments below!


by Alexa Matthews | 3/10/2018