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6 amazing things Career Girl Daily taught us about starting a blog


In just two years, Career Girl Daily has grown from an idea chalked up by three aspiring bloggers to an award-winning blog with a global audience of seven million views. This dedicated team of girls isn't finishedthey're sharing their secrets in an all-new book! It's called The Ultimate Blog Plan, and it has *everything* you need to start and run a successful blog. From activities and worksheets to tricky strategies, The Ultimate Blog Plan is an essential for every aspiring blogger. 

Career Girl Daily's journey started back in 2014 when Celina Fairbairn arrived in London. After traveling from the Netherlands with nothing but a bag full of essentials and a dream to chase, she realized she'd been scammed. It turns out the apartment she'd paid for didn't exist...and Celina was devastated. She met CGD's co-founder Ellen Lois Milan six months later and began mapping out a plan for the website. After discovering the site, third co-founder Beth Macdonald became the final addition to the team. The girls worked night and day since, turning their dream into reality.

Career Girl Daily has the *best* tips for starting and maintaining a successful blog, and we've rounded up some of their top blogging advice. Check out how you can start your very own blog with these tips, then snag the book HERE for even more. 

1. Know your audience.
Tailor your content to the people you're writing for so it's appealing to your readers. It's important to know who your readers are and what they're looking for in a blog. "Make a list of everything you know about your readers and then make a second list of products and services you think would interest them." Remember: It's all about the readers.

2. Take advantage of your resources.
There are so many resources readily available to bloggers, and CDG has shared the 7 best ways to improve your blog for free. Being resourceful is an essential part of blogging. Adapting and changing your blog will sustain your blog's success, and these resources are great for finding inspiration.

3. Be passionate.
Career Girl Daily knows that "every good blog starts with passion." The more your care about your content, the more it'll show in your blog. Don't start blogging for money or popularity—do it because you love it. Creating a blog is a long journey, so it's important that you're doing it for the right reasons. 

4. Be confident.
Making connections and friendships with fellow bloggers is essential, so don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Be confident in who you are as a blogger, and make your name known. Check out other blogs you're interested in and keep up with their content. Leaving meaningful comments on other blogger's posts is a great way to show others you care about their content and a great way to reach out to writers just like you.

5. Be yourself.
Originality is what makes a blog great, so be yourself. Don't focus on making your blog look like all your favesmake it your own. Show excitement for the things you're passionate about, and let it show in your writing. An honest blog is a great blog, after all. 

6. Accept constructive criticism.
It takes a certain amount of mental strength to be a blogger, so make sure you're ready to face criticism. Construstive criticism is an important tool in improving your blog, so don't be offended when readers offer their own tips and ideas. Everyone has their own opinions, and you can't let negative comments get you down. Keep your head up, be kind and do your best.

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Have you ever thought of becoming a blogger? What would it be about? Share your blogging ideas with us in the comments! 

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by Julia Bonney | 3/18/2017
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