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How to be babysitter #goals (from real-life super sitters!)

If you're part of the babysitter's club, you know that it's no easy job. You're bound to encounter daily dilemmas, whether you run out of craft ideas or a baby gets sick—and all you want to do is be the hero who saves the day. Get inspired by these five super-sitter stories so that the next time your neighbor asks you to watch little Johnny, you're prepared for *any* sitch.

This babysitter kept her niece safe from a burglar...
When Savannah J. was 14, she was babysitting her four-year-old niece. While she was there, someone broke into the house (yikes!). She was able to hide her niece (and herself) until help arrived. Both girls were kept out of harm. She totally handled the situation responsibily and we're glad no one was hurt!

These babysitters *atually* got kids to eat veggies...
Dara R. is a writer who wrote an article about getting kids to try veggies by making food fun. And we have heard from *lots* of sitters that these veggie popsicles are the way to go! Some kids even think they taste like ice cream. This is easily one of the best solutions to a tricky problem.

This sitter saved her baby sister...
Presly P. was with her younger sister Ava one morning when Ava started choking. Thankfully Presly had recently taken a babysitting course so when she realized what was happening, she sprung into action and saved her sister's life by performing abdominal thrusts. Presly (and her family) were so lucky that she was certified—you can take your own class via the American Red Cross or check out your local library or community center.

These sitters are serious game queens...
It's no secret that the web is full of inspiring mom and sitter blogs with stories, tips and tricks about crafts, bedtime and more. But some blogs are better than others and this one created original games to keep the kiddos entertained all afternoon! We are *so* appreciative.

This babysitter donated her liver to save a baby...
Kiersten M. was 21 when she started babysitting baby Talia. When she heard that Talia would need a liver transplant, she decided to donate part of hers to save the child's life. She told Pix 11, "I can't imagine something happening and me not doing anything to help." Kiersten definitely wins bravery and compassion points for this incredible story. P.S.: This one is definitely above and beyond and not in the sitter's handbook. Doing your best to keep the kids safe and happy is more than enough!

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by Aly Prouty | 8/4/2017
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