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Gift guide: For your unicorn-obsessed bestie

Your bestie is *obsessed* with unicorns—and why wouldn't she be? They're as magical and unique as she is! If you're not sure what to get your amazingly rare friend for the holidays, check out these fab picks!

  • asos_unicorn_slipper_1.jpg

     Unicorn slippers, $23

    If she already has a unicorn onesie, these are the perfect gift for her to pair with her colorful one piece.

  • unicorn_onesie1.jpg

     Unicorn onesie, $20

    Your bestie probably wishes she could be a unicorn—and with this onesie she can least for the night, anyway. You can choose from a variety of colors to best suit your fave gal pal.

  • 2520707.jpeg

    Lime Crime uniorn hi-lite palette, $38

    Give your BFF a unicorn glow with this highlight palette. The colors make this palette really versatile and is guaranteed to have her spending hours creating new looks.

  • unicorn_brushes_1.jpg

    Unicorn makeup brush set, $1

    If your bestie loves makeup as much as she loves unicorns then she will freak out over these brushes. They will make a super cute and practical addition to her vanity.

  • unicorn_hat.jpg

     Unicorn dad hat, $15

    This hat will make her bad hair days much better.

  • unicorn_locker_kit1.jpg

    A unicorn ate my homework locker kit, $22

    This kit comes with everything from bandaids to breath spray to washi tape for all of her school emergency needs!

  • unicorn_necklace1.jpg

    Dainty unicorn necklace, $15

    A reminder that magic is always close to her heart, this necklace is sure to become a staple in her wardrobe.

  • 31sm77g+enl.jpg

     Unicorn case, $15

    Since she's always on her phone, why not get her a funky unicorn case to glam it up?! Not only is this case super fun but it will also keep her phone free of cracks and scratches.

  • holographic_unicorn1.jpg

    Unicorn pom pom keychain, $4

    Your bestie will never lose her keys again with this adorable keychain featuring her fave mystical creature. It's a cute and practical gift she'll adore. 

  • screen_shot_2017-11-09_at_5.10.27_pm.png

    Unicorn graphic tee, $9

    For the girl who loves to be stylish and has a serious love of unicorns, this tee is perfection! Plus, it's much cuter than that "I love unicorns" sweatshirt she currently owns.

  • unicorn_pillow1e.png

    Sequin unicorn pillow, $25

    Help her add some sparkle to her room! If she gets tired of the sequins (though we doubt she will) she can flip the pillow to the reverse side and still enjoy the unicorn silhouettes on soft cotton. 

  • unicorntear_bb_ring_composite_grande.jpg

     Unicorn tears bath bomb, $17

    Nothing's more relaxing than taking a bath in enchanted waters of rainbows and sparkles. That's exactly what this bath bomb creates. Bonus: When the bath bomb fully dissolves, it reveals a beautiful ring with real swarovski crystals that your best friend can rock after the bath!

  • unicornmug1.jpg

    Unicorn mug and stirrer, $17

    This set is perfect for her morning tea or coffee. As she uses the magic wand shaped stirrer, she'll be whisked away somewhere magical before she heads off to school.

  • unicorn_shop_shampoo_and_conditioner1e.jpg

     Unicorn soft shampoo and conditioner, $19 each

    Gift your friend the magic of super soft hair! This set of shampoo and conditioner not only smells amazing, but it insures that your BFF has hair as soft as a unicorn's mane.

    Which unicorn inspired gift would your bff die for? 


by Lauren McMillan | 11/9/2017