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Wishes *do* come true--and you can make them happen


If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? You might want an endless supply of PSLs, a weekend free of homework or a shopping spree at Sephora. 

Or, you might want a room makeover. That's what Mia* asked for. There's one thing that makes Mia's wish a little bit different, though… 

Mia doesn't live at home with her fam—she lives at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md. where she’s being treated for a life-limiting health condition. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have the stylish space she’s always dreamt of. 

Thanks to Wish Upon A Teen (more on the amazing org below!) and Kohl's, GL had the honor of spending an afternoon with the uber brave babe—and we came prepared. Armed with plush pillows, pretty paper lanterns, snuggly blankets and more (all adorable and all from Kohl’s), we turned her hospital home into a v. rad room. And the look on Mia’s face—a major smile—was so worth it. 


Ready to make someone's wish come true just like we did for Mia? Wish Upon A Teen has *tons* of opps for you to get involved (they're in 74 hospitals across the country!). Peep the list below, then gather your girls to give back this month. 

1. Start a Junior Wish Upon A Teen club/council.
For the future girl bosses out there, this is your chance to take charge. There are only two other Junior Wish Upon A Teen clubs in the U.S. right now (find them at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University)—so not only would you be creating a club for a cause, you'd be one of the first in the country to do it. Talk to your school about starting a group—then promote your new passion by posting flyers, sharing on social media and even putting a call in the school paper.

2. Host a fundraiser.
Chances are you're part of at least one extracurric, so ask your club leader or supervisor if you can chair an event this year to raise money for one of Wish Upon A Teen's programs (they offer everything from Design My Room to the annual Evening of Dreams Prom). You can run a bake sale, host a fundraising night at a local restaurant (Chipotle and Chick-fil-a are both fundraiser-friendly) or even plan a charity walk one weekend. The options are endless.

3. Attend one of Wish Upon A Teen's events.
If you're looking for fun things to do with your fam or friends, check the Wish Upon A Teen calendar. They update it regularly with upcoming events (one of their most recent ones was a charity bike ride) that you can sign up for. Not only will you have a great time, you'll be giving back while you do it. Win-win.

4. Score some swag.
Yep, making a difference is as easy as snagging a cute tank. Browse the Wish Upon A Teen store for all the feel-good finds—bonus points if you share a selfie in your new OOTD on Insta (and tag @wishuponateen, natch). Spreading the word has never looked so stylish.


What have *you* done this year to help someone else? Share below! 

*Name has been changed to protect patient's privacy. 

by Amanda Tarlton | 11/3/2017
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