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“Break out of your boundaries” and more inspiring advce from a teen actress, model and philanthropist

Set goals, achieve, repeat. That’s basically been the motto of inspiring teen Allison Dae, a 17-year-old model, actress, student, philanthropist—and the latest inspiring young woman to be spotlighted in our #BarbizonBesties series.

Her biggest passion? Spreading the word about Systemic Onset Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis through her non-profit organization, More Than A Percentage.

The rare disease, which causes joint pain, affects just 10 percent of kids, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Allison just so happens to be part of that 10 percent.

“I felt boxed into this statistic and saw myself as that number,” Allison admits. But the urge to combat that feeling is precisely what inspired the name of her non-profit. “I want to encourage people to rise up and break out of their boundaries so they can reach their full potential.”

Cool for school
When it comes to potential, Allison is most definitely reaching hers. She spends 3 days a week focusing on the org where, among other things, she organizes events to raise money to fund research on the disease.

The other two days? Alison spends those at the Center for Performing and Fine Arts in Pennsylvania, where she hones her talents in acting, dancing, and singing, while also taking academic classes through an online program.

Needless to say, this girl’s schedule is stacked—but she doesn’t sweat it. If anything, she’s grateful for all of it. “I’ve gotten really lucky in that I’m able to operate on a schedule that works for me, my organization and my career.”

Smile for the camera
When Allison’s not enriching her life or the lives of others, she’s fills the little free time she does have by kicking butt as an actress and a model. She got her start through Barbizon Modeling and Acting, which her fam has been involved with *long* before she was born.

Allison kicked off her career as a kid, and wasted no time making moves. She’s appeared on toy box covers, found success in pageants, acted in viral YouTube videos (NBD, but a parody video she co-starred in currently has 18 million views) and appeared in campaigns with renowned designers like Calvin Klein.

But not just *any* Calvin Klein shoot—a Calvin Klein shoot starring Cameron Dallas. You’re probably fangirling just reading that sentence, right? Now imagine being Allison and finding out you’re working with one of your faves.

“When we got to set, all we knew was that we were there for a photo shoot—we had no idea who the designer was or who the celebrity model was. Turns out it was Cameron Dallas, who happened to be one of my favorite influencers,” Allison says. “I was featured on the Calvin Klein Instagram page with a picture of Cameron kissing my cheek!”

Dive deep
For Allison, her interest in acting and modeling goes deeper than just the family business. She *loves* the industry, but she also knew that getting involved would give her opportunities down the line that she otherwise wouldn’t have. And she was correct.

“I entered pageantry with the goal to win a national title, and after a few years of hard work, I became Miss Jr. America Jr. Teen.” The recognition she received through her win gave Allison the confidence and connections to create More Than A Percentage.

No doubt: This busy babe’s hard work and drive are incredibly inspiring. “If you have a goal that you’re passionate about and the dedication to work toward it,” Allison says, “anything is possible.”

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Allison Dae photographed by Four Girls on a Mission.


by The editors of GIRLS' LIFE | 4/19/2019
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