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How to do a successful FaceTime photoshoot

What better way to pass time than an epic virtual photoshoot? Photographer, Konstantin Chalabov, claims to have started the Facetime shoot trend. On an Instagram post in March, Chalabov shared, “I post these photos so that you understand that there are no restrictions, closed borders are not an obstacle to creating and continuing to develop.”

The trend soon swept around the world and photographers, celebs and magazines followed suit and joined the trend. Due to stay-at-home orders, many in the publishing and advertising world have utilized technology as their best friend to continuously curate content. The FaceTime photo shoots have been a saving grace for all partakers and some celebrity faves have joined in on the fun, including Demi Lovato and Bella Hadid. The challenge has encouraged individuals to become more innovative, due to the lack of resource and convenience, but getting a magazine worthy shot doesn’t have to be a fantasy!

All you need is an iPhone and help from a friend. Now is the perfect time to push yourself creatively, so phone a friend after reading these tips, and get to snappin! 📷 

Step 1: Ask a friend with an iPhone to be your photographer
Ask any friend with an iPhone, who you feel comfortable with in front of the camera to *strike* a pose, to capture your fashion shoot.


Step 2: Turn on live mode

Make sure you and the photographer have live mode turned on. Just click on (Settings-FaceTime-On) and you will be all set.


Step 3: Find the most picturesque spot in your home

 Location is everything and can add some charm to any photo. Just remember to find a spot in the house with flattering lighting rather than a well-lit area to avoid overexposed images.


Step 4: Consider using a tripod 

You can place your iPhone on a tripod or rest it on an object that will provide stability. Remember the tripod or object used will be your best friend and the key ingredient to capturing stellar angles. 


Step 5: Get creative and strike a pose

Use your photoshoot to unlock your freedom of expression. Just remember to keep your eyes on the camera lens rather than the screen so the image appears to be natural. Try looking up fun poses to incorporate into your shoot, but don’t forget to add your own twist to it, just like our girl Demi Lovato who took it up a notch with a FaceTime video shoot on this Instagram clip.


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by Samantha Dorisca | 8/3/2020