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How to get yourself out of a slump

Being in a slump is no fun. Maybe you haven't been feeling as creative as you usually do, or maybe you didn't shine at field hockey tryouts the way you had hoped. Whatever the reason for your energy rut, we're here to help you feel you connect with your higher self. Read on for some major inspo on how to start feeling your best again. 

1. Journal
We know how daunting journaling can seem, but putting your thoughts to paper is actually a great way to blow off some steam. As you write, remember that no one but you will ever see it, and that there isn't a right *or* wrong way to do it.  Jot down what happened in your day, what you're grateful for or even some goals you have. Manifest, bb. 

2. Do an easy workout 
One of the worst parts of being in a slump? The lack of motivation. Working out can make you feel way better, and it can restore some of those feel-good endorphins. Go on a quick walk, run, do yoga or even learn a new TikTok dance. Get yourself moving, and remember to fuel up with water and a good snack. 

3. Clean or re-arrange your room
One of the best ways to tackle a slump is by changing things up. Go full-out interior designer by moving furniture around or redecorating the walls. Even just a quick clean-up can make you feel *so* much better. Wash your clothes, make your bed, put away your school books and throw out the trash. Turn some music on (peep our room cleaning playlist) and you'll be done in no time. 


4. Get outside
Now that spring is almost here, getting in your daily dose of Vitamin D just got a whole lot easier. Go for a walk, sit outside or tan at the pool. Fresh air always makes you feel better, *and* it doesn't cost a thing. Score!

5. Find something to look forward to
Feeling like there's nothing new going on in your life? Add some excitement back in! Plan to go out with your friends, try a new recipe or see a new movie. You can even choose tiny things to look forward to, like what your mom is making for dinner (did someone say spaghetti and meatballs?). Changing your mindset even just a little can make *all* the difference.

6. Turn off your phone for a little
This may be the last thing you want to hear, but sitting on your phone won't always make you feel better. Social media can def get super emotionally tiring. Even an hour away from screens can help you recharge. Paint, draw, sleep, bake, skateboard...the possibilities are endless! 

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by Miriam Riley | 3/29/2022