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3 tips for becoming a teen entrepreneur

Meet Paola Ochoa: a 19-year-old CEO/influencer and the mind behind Teen Boss Babes. Teen Boss Babes (TBB) is an online community for business-minded teens. They provide tips for starting your own company, networking opportunities and spaces to connect with other teens that are diving into business. 

Paola doesn't want to be the only teen CEO—she wants everyone to try their hand at being a boss babe! Here are Paola's top three tips that all aspiring teen entrepreneurs need to know:

1. Don't let the haters get you down

According to Paola, not everyone is going to get your vision...and that's OK. When she started TBB at age 16, she was interested in entrepreneurship and wanted to start her own company. But teachers told her that her dreams were too big to become reality. Paola reveals, "[The situation] gave me strength in what I believed in and what I wanted to do."

Teen Boss Babes was born shortly after and now has thousands of followers on Instagram (and there is no doubt that the biz will just keep growing!).

2. Let your passion speak for itself

Paola says that being a boss babe is all about passion and taking risks. "Go for the thing that hasn't been done yet," she advises, "because you're going to find more passion. You're going to have more fun with it, and you're going to have more ideas with it." 

It can be scary to try something new and put yourself out there.  But when it comes to following your dreams, you *need* to be daring. Paola is a great example of throwing caution to the wind. "You can do whatever you want, no matter your age," she says. 


3. Find your community

Paola created TBB because she wanted to connect with teens with similar business interests. When she kept coming up empty, she decided to make that community herself! 

Having other boss babes to rely on during that difficult time is *so* important. That's what Paola tries to give other gals through TBB's social media accounts, podcast and blog. "The thing I'm most proud of is connecting other people," Paola shares. "You never think that you can find that person that has the same passions as you. But I've found that with the community of Teen Boss Babes."

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by Laine Napoli | 8/7/2022