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What hobby you should pick up, based on your favorite American Girl doll

With their historical backgrounds and adorable fits, what's not to love about the American Girl dolls? We found a fab new pastime you should try, based on your childhood bestie.

Molly: Acting

If Molly was your gal way back when, you should pick up acting. Molly is a dreamer and a schemer who earns starring roles in her own school plays. Channel this 1944 gal's imaginative energy by auditioning for a show or signing up for stage crew (check a nearby community college for opportunities).

Julie: Yoga

If your doll bestie was Julie, you're totally groovy and down-to-earth. One way to connect with your zen vibes is through yoga. Grab some comfy pants and try out some of our fave at-home workouts (Yoga With Adriene is a perf starter choice).

Kit: Reading

If you loved Kit from the 1930s, you should start adding some mystery novels to your TBR list. Kit works tirelessly to investigate a string of robberies plaguing her town, and you have that same inquisitive spirit. We recommend starting with A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, a fun, fast-paced read that Kit would've adored. 

Samantha: Hiking

Samantha was an OG 1910s doll, and so many gals identified with her girly and brave personality. Always climbing trees and adventuring, she never backs down from a challenge. That's why you should try hiking. Grab a few friends, throw on a backpack with your essentials (think: water bottle, protein bar and a Polaroid camera) and hit the trails! 

Kaya: Swimming

If Kaya's active and resourceful vibes spoke to you, you should work on your water skills. Kaya is constantly outside, swimming in the river every morning with her besties and taking care of her tribe's horses. In classic Kaya fashion, you should sign up for your school's swim team or just practice on your own at the community pool.

Felicity: Dog-walking

If Felicity's independent and spunky storyline stuck out to you, you should start a dog-walking business! Felicity's mission is to save and tame a wild horse, and the two become each other's instant sidekicks. You can take care of animals in your area by volunteering to walk your neighbors' dogs.

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by Julia Szymanski | 3/30/2023