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How to have an amazing spring break from home

It might feel like every single one of your friends is hitting the white sand beaches this spring break. But newsflash: That doesn't mean you can't enjoy your vacay if you're simply staying home. Spending spring break staycation-style this year? We've compiled the *ultimate* at-home spring break guide, just for you!

Host a themed movie marathon

When else do you have hours of free time to watch tons of your favorite movies? Gather your fam for a themed movie marathon! Binge Harry Potter, The Hunger Games triology, basically any Marvel series or Star Wars, just to name a few.

To make things even more on-theme, prep movie-related snacks and drinks for the watch party (think: cauldron cakes and butterbeer for Harry Potter or ronto wraps and blue milk from Star Wars). Create a cozy space with tons of blankets and pillows—you're all ready to go! Need some movie inspo? Check out this quiz to get inspired!

Try out new recipes

Always wanted to try baking bread at home? Have a TikTok recipe you've been meaning to master? Get creative in the kitchen this spring break and test out some new recipes! Take this time to cook foods you might not make when you're caught up in a busy schedule (hellooo, cranberry scones).

Invite a friend to make brunch together or team up with a sibling to cook dinner for the fam. Try these easy recipes that will impress *everyone* at the dinner table.

Explore your hometown or closest city

You don't have to jet set to go exploring! Get creative and pretend you're a tourist in your own town. Check out the newest restaurant near you or a museum you've never visited. If you're lucky to live where the weather is nice, go on a hike or simply enjoy the outdoors with a fun beach read

Spring clean your room

We get it—cleaning probably doesn't sound like the most ideal way to spend your break. But you'll feel *so* much better afterward, trust. While you've got the time, sort through that ever-growing pile of clothes on your desk chair, dust off old books from under your bed and deep clean your makeup brushes. These cleaning tips will have your room in tip-top shape!

Pick up a cool hobby

Spring break is the perfect opportunity to try a new hobby. From crocheting to gardening to pickleball, the options are endless. Spend your break learning something new and show off your skills to your friends once school is back in session. 

How are you spending your spring break? Share your staycation snaps with us on Insta @girlslifemag!

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by Hannah Kennedy | 3/26/2023