Easy ways to zap school stress


Every year, you seem to take on harder classes and more extracurriculars. But how can you keep up with everything and make time for your friends and fam? Follow these tips to get a grip.


Sometimes the stress itself keeps you from getting stuff done. If you’re thinkin’ about your math test at dance rehearsal, then how are you gonna remember your technique? And if you’re thinkin’ about dance while you’re supposed to be studying for your math test, then how are you gonna ace it? Sometimes just taking a deep breath and chillin’ out is the key to keeping it all together. 

Write it Down

Things may seem more chaotic in your head than they really are. Write down everything you have goin’ on after school for the whole week, including what times you have to be places. Then you’ll see that you do have time to get from point A to point B and still eat dinner with your fam.

Nobody’s Perfect

In addition to having a million-and-one obligations, you may feel that you need to be the best at every one of them. Cut yourself some slack, girl. Remember you’re there to have fun, and you don’t have to be perfect at everything! 

No Barking

Your parents and friends are not going to understand what’s going on if you take out your stress on them. But if you explain how you’re feeling, they just might be able to help! Let your parents cook your favorite meal or help quiz you on spelling. And let your friends cheer you up with their silly jokes. If they know what’s going on, they’ll be more likely to understand when you can’t hang out as much as before. 

Just Say No

Sometimes you do have to say no. You can’t literally do it all, so think about what’s on your plate, and when a new activity comes up that you desperately want to get involved with, think about whether you really have time. You also might have to say no to shopping trips or sleepovers with your friends if there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. But there will always be more shopping and sleepovers, and if you followed the last tip, your friends will totally understand! 

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by Lindsey | 2/1/2016