You *have* to try this super cute emoji DIY!

With more than half the school year gone, it's safe to say you've run out of some things here and there. So, what better way than to kick off the New Year than with an arsenal of updated supplies?! Below is a list of a few new products to pick up, as well as some inspo to DIY your own supplies.


Yoobi Notebook, $3

This college ruled composition book by Yoobi is great for when you've run out of pages in your old one, or are simply looking for a new addition to the collection. The cool cactus and pineapple design will make studying a breeze! Plus, it's super affordable.

Highlighter & Pen Combo (Box of 30), $26

This ingenious design does two jobs at once—it contains both a black ink pen and bright neon highlighter! Since it comes with 30 you'll have plenty leftover for the next school year as well. 

HomeCube Big Capacity Pencil Case, $9

This simple case is a perfect replacement from your possibly worn one. It's huge, super cute and comes in beautiful bright green, pink or blue!

Colorful To-Do Sticky Notes (Pack of 5), $3

These are an absolute *must*.

Kate Spade 17-Month Agenda, $21

This *mega* adorbs planner is not only stylish but also spacious. It even comes with inspirational sayings for each month and extra pages for notes.


Embroidered Notebook

With this simple and unique tutorial, you'll be able to create tons of different styles and colors that'll make all your classmates wonder how you did it. Head on over to Mollie Makes to see how.

Corner Page Bookmarks

Tired of bending the corner of your pages to mark your place? Well, that won't be a problem anymore. These adorable bookmarks are easy to make and give your book a totally unique look.

Eraser Flash Drive

No more zip-loc baggie or losing your drive! Now, you can hide your data in plain sight in a rubberized flash drive case. Make your own with this simple tutorial by instructables. Just make sure it doesn't get mixed in with your other erasers!

Emoji Locker Magnets

With this step-by-step tutorial you can make your fave emojis come alive and place them right in your locker!

What’s your fave school supply item? Let us know in the comments!


by Cecelia Yost | 1/5/2017
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