Gifs that perfectly describe that end-of-the-year feeling

We all know that "is school over yet???" feeling *all* too well...

1. You’re so burnt out and done with trying that if you lay your eyes on a Word Doc for one second longer, you feel like your eyes are going to fall out...

2. With only a few days/weeks left, the idea of getting out of bed and going to class is laughable. Snooze button = your BFF. #laughingthemorningpainaway

3. You’re so eager to check off your last few responsibilities that working at lightning speed may become a reality. The “slow and steady” motto went down the toilet, like, yesterday...

4. You have absolutely no time for drama and petty gossip anymore. No haters are gonna get in the way of your final successes!

5. When you have to take final exams and quizzes and give presentations and basically be Wonder Woman and everything is just too much!!!

6. But then you see all your hard work pay off when you receive your grades and realize you got straight A's because—spoiler alert!—you actually are Wonder Woman!*

7. And then, finally, you get to run out of school on the last day like...

Happy summer, girl, and congrats on kicking butt this school year!

What's your fave end-of-the-year activity? Sound off in the comments!


by Maggie Medoff | 6/15/2017
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