These 5 smarties are spilling the *ultimate* back-to-school advice

By now, you've been back at school for at least a few weeks. That means you're probably still getting settled into a new daily routine, making new friends and generally finding out where you fit in. All of these things are easier said than done, though. So, the girls of Netflix's Project Mc2 are dishing out all the advice you need for BTS.

Read on for good vibes and even better words of wisdom to help you kill it through September and beyond.

Belle Shouse prepared.

"Just remember: everyone else is in the same position and is most likely has some of the same anxious feelings as you," Belle spills. "To keep yourself stress free, I suggest having everything you need organized and laid out so you don't have to worry about it in the morning. I feel that if Ember Evergreen's were heading back to school, she would have her lavender essential oil misting in her room diffuser to help calm and relax the nerves. Most importantly: be open to meeting new friends and learning new things."

Victoria Vida says...don't erase yourself, embrace yourself!

"I cannot stress enough that the most important action to take is for you to be you. I don’t mean be 10 percent or 50 percent, I mean 100 percent and in front of everybody!" Victoria urges. "I believe that everyone is shy—even I am shy sometimes. We get that way because we’re afraid of doing something that exposes us, like trying a certain experiment that seems difficult, going out for a new sport or even going in the middle of a dance circle. We start thinking, “What if people think my experiment is lame? What if my teammates don’t like me because I’m new to the sport? "What if I go to the middle of the dance circle and everyone starts laughing at me?” Stop the what ifs! Don’t let them stop you from people getting to see the real you."

Ysa Penarejo a team player.

"Being a senior in high school and co-captain of the dance team, I'm learning the importance of effective communication," says Ysa. "We see these attributes with Camryn Coyle and teaming with the Project Mc2 girls and see how well they work together. Also, don't be afraid to express what's on your mind and to be open to feedback—take the opportunity to learn from those around you."

Mika Abdalla says...stay organized

"Being organized really helped me all throughout school, but was especially helpful when I got to high school!"

Genneya Walton says...advocate for yourself.

"Don't be afraid to ask questions in class. It's definitely easier said than done—trust me, I've been there," Genneya advises. "But if you have a question about something, chances are someone else does, too. No question is a bad question because you always learn from the answer. You should also respect your teachers and peers. All, if not most, teachers have classroom rules. In order to be successful in your classes, be sure to follow them! It will make for a smooth year without any unneeded stress."

"Though all of the tests, quizzes and notes could get a little stressful and maybe even not fun at times, cherish all of the time you spend with school. Time flies by and before you know it you'll be graduating and off into the world!"

Want more Project Mc2? Season five is available on Netflix now! Watch it and understand why #SmartIsTheNewCool.

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by Sydney Adamson | 9/17/2017
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