Want a snow day? 10 superstitions to make it happen

The forecast is in, temps are dropping to freezing levels and that *indescribable* feeling of excitement is in the air: Could tomorrow actually be a snow day?

Whether you're dreaming of making hot cocoa with the fam or sledding with your besties, try one of these 10 superstitions to make *your* snow day come true (complete with adorbs snowy GIFs, of course!). 

1. Put a spoon under your pillow.

2. Wear your pajamas inside out. 

3. Eat ice cream for dessert.

4. Flush an ice cube down the toilet.

5. Put a white crayon in the freezer.

6. Run around a table five times before you go to bed.

7. Place an ice cube on your front porch. 

8. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand.

9. Wear a colored sock on your left foot (but not your right).

10. Yell "SNOW DAY!" into the freezer. 

Would you try one of these superstitions? Comment below! 


by Katherine Hammer | 12/17/2019