How to achieve your grade goals this school year


Returning to the classroom doesn't have to be a struggle. Whether you're learning in-person or online, you can achieve your grade goals this school year with a few manageable tips. The end result: a report card you won't be afraid to show mom and dad. Here's what you should do to set yourself up for success...

Stay in touch with your teachers

And ask them questions! Teachers are the ultimate resource to help you do well in class. If you don't understand the material or you want someone to look over your essay thesis, your teachers are there to help. It might feel less effective to stay connected with them online, but it's just as important as in school. Your teachers want you to succeed. The best essays I wrote in high school were the ones where I had feedback from my teachers throughout the writing process. Even a little input can go far in boosting your grade.


Studying starts on day one

As much as you want to push things off, the earlier you start, the sooner you'll be done. If you know you're going to have a big Spanish midterm in a month, make a fifteen-minute-a-day flashcard set. It's *way* easier to pick up vocab little by little than all at once. The same goes for math, English, or any other subject. And please, do the assigned English class reading as it comes. You'll be able to engage more during in-class discussions and have an easier time developing a final paper topic. Plus, you'll understand all those literature memes on Twitter.

If you miss a day, catch up *asap* 

I had a healthy amount of absences in school. But, I was in luck—my school's makeup policy gave me two extra class days to make up my work. Of course, I also had to keep up with the work that was being assigned during those two days. It could be difficult to get ahead because I was just trying to catch up.  I learned to start working the day I came back from my absence. If you've taken a one-day (or one-week) leave, talk with your teachers about what you missed and how you can make it up. That way, you won't fall behind.


Don’t let one bad grade ruin your motivation 

In my freshman year of high school, I didn't get great grades. I had just moved across the state and felt behind when I started school. Everyone had done summer reading that I hadn't heard of, registered for a school website that I could not for the life of me get approved to join, and knew to write down things like homework and test dates so they wouldn't forget. In short, I was a hot mess, and I had to spend the rest of my high school career working extra hard to raise my GPA. But I didn't let the crummy grades from that year hurt my motivation. I knew my GPA wouldn't be perfect, but I could and did bounce back.  


Organization really is everything

You can't turn things in on time if you don't know when they're due. Labeling notebooks, keeping your study area neat at home and writing down important dates will save your life. It definitely saved mine. Just make it a habit at the start or end of class to pull out your planner and note what's important. Outside of the classroom, having a morning routine and keeping your spaces clean will help you stay in the right mindset to reach your goals. Your future self will thank you.


Setting grade goals isn't about getting As in all your classes. It's about doing your personal best!

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Slider Image: Jess Bailey Designs/Pexels


by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/13/2020