The best 5 minute study break routine that you *have* to try

Now that school's officially back in session, we're all working on perfecting our study routines—and with that comes the ever-important study break. No matter what you're cramming or how long you've been working, if you want to have a short *and* satisfying mini-break, we have the *perfect* routine for you. Set your timer and get to relaxing...

Minute 1: Stand up and stretch
Relax your back, touch your toes and release any tension in your body. Sitting in a chair or working at a computer all day can worsen your posture and cause sore muscles, but a quick stretch will switch that right up. 

Minute 2: Walk to your kitchen and drink a full glass of water 
Drinking water and staying hydrated can actually help you stay more concentrated while you work. Also, if you've been grinding on your history essay all day (who knew how hard it would be to write 4 pages on the French Revolution?), it's likely you haven't been drinking water the whole time, so a glass will help refresh your brain and get you focused. 


Minute 3: Text your bestie and update her on your progress
Reach out to one of your more studious girlies and let her know how much you've gotten done! She will not only inspire you to continue working, but you'll feel pride being able to show off your progress—big *or* small (making 5 flash cards = still a win). 

Minute 4: Check in with yourself internally. 
Are you feeling overwhelmed with chemistry work and need to take a longer break? Do you need to take a short nap or even go to sleep for the night? Or are you raring to go and finish that essay? If you don't feel up to continue studying, take a rest for the night. You'll be able to finish and understand the material more easily when you feel better tomorrow. 

Minute 5: Got any time left? Take a deep breath, and get back to work! 
Now that you've finished your study break, go cram those vocab words or complete that essay! You've got this, bb. 

by Serena Sherwood | 10/12/2020