3 unique study tips to get you through midterms this year

Midterms are here! We know how hard it can be to find the *perfect* study routine to ace your exams. Luckily, Girls' Life has useful and unique study tips to get you through it. 

1. Outline and color code

One of the best study methods I *ever* learned in high school was how to outline—and how to do it well. My teacher *always* stressed how important this skill would be in high school and college, and she was so right. 

When reading chapters of a textbook, create outlines for each section and use coordinating colors. Make sure you highlight every vocabulary word and write the corresponding info below it. When writing down *super* important things, use colored pens, highlighters or asterisks!

2. Create study cards

If you're a visual learner, this might be the best study tip for you. I would recommend using white notecards or colors depending on your preference. 

Cut the notecards in half and holepunch the top left corner. As you review your outlines, write the key words on the front of the notecard in your fave color! On the other side, write the definition and key information. 

If you're making study cards for multiple chapters, correlate the colors for each chapter. For example: chapter one is orange and chapter two is blue

3. Rewrite *everything*

This might seem *so* tedious, but if you're cramming in the night before this is a great way not only memorize information but *actually* learn it. 

Use a large piece of paper and copy down the most important things from your outlines and study cards. Color code the chapters accordingly. 

Don't worry—this doesn't have to look pretty (at all). The most important thing is to repeat, rewrite and recite the information until you know it!

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by Allie Lijewski | 2/16/2021