Everything you need to know before signing up for AP classes

Taking Advanced Placement (better known as AP) classes in high school is a tough decision to make. They might give you college credit, but at the same time, they're also much harder than normal classes. Here are some things you should know before taking an AP class, from GL girls who've been there. 

Only take the classes that interest you

"Figure out what you really like learning, whether it's math, science or english, and take the AP classes that follow that. It'll help you stay more focused and engaged, because you're learning about something you like!" -Haley, 17

The class goes a lot faster than normal classes

"Because the AP test is in May, you need to have learned all the stuff by May, which makes the class seem a lot faster than a normal class, where you need to learn everything by the end of the year" -Juli, 16

You need to have really good time management skills

"A *lot* of AP teachers will expect you to have the study skills before taking the class, so don't procrastinate on your assignments and find a study method that works for you early on" -Pranuti, 17

You don't need to be enrolled in an AP class to take the AP test 

"If you want to get college credit for an AP class that your school doesn't offer, you can take the test without taking the class. You have to have a lot of self-motivation to study for the test, even if you're taking an advanced or honors version of the same class, but it can be really helpful" -Ryan, 17

It can save you money and time, but not all colleges accept AP credits

If you score above a 3 on the AP test, colleges will start offering credit for your AP classes.

"When I started doing my college search, I learned that a lot of colleges would only give credit for a 5 on the AP test, and sometimes colleges wouldn't even take those" -Pranuti, 17

Taking AP tests can only help you, not hurt you

"Even if you get a score you don't want, colleges will only see the scores you send them. While colleges will see the grades you get in the class, they'll only see the scores if you want them too" -Ryan, 17

The rundown: While AP classes are harder classes, they can help you get into college and save money when you get in. If you want more specific information about AP classes at your high school, ask a older sibling or current student! We know you'll be able to rock whatever classes you decide to take.

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by Serena Sherwood | 4/7/2021