We just found you the best school supplies for your star sign...

Curate your locker, desk and backpack content with a little inspo from the element that rules your sun sign. 

Aries • Leo • Sagittarius

Tape dispenser, $31Camera, $30Pin, $10Backpack, $28Phone case, $35Water bottle, $26Watercolors, $13Pencil case, $15Sticky notes, $14Scissors, $9 Scented markers, $18

There's no denying the bold, daring energy of a fire sign. You are full of dynamism and creativity—so go express it with shimmering metallics, bold affirmations and all the colors of the rainbow.

Taurus • Virgo • Capricorn

Keychain, $14Squishy, $16 Candle, $22Lap desk, $39Notebook, $11Planning stickers, $10 Notepad, $3Pencil case, $16Planter, $25Label maker, $60 Pencils, $12

If we had to pick one word for earth signs, it would be "grounded" (not in a bad way, tbh, you've probably never been grounded...ever). Practical and goal-oriented, you need lots of ways to keep organized.

Gemini • Libra • Aquarius

Airpod case, $18 •. Pin, $12Washi tape, $5Tote bag, $22Wax seal stamper, $8Bookmark, $4 Binder, $8Notepad, $8Planner, $32Desk calendar, $12Folder, $35

You're most likely to have you read buried in a book... and your mind wandering to a far-off land. Indulge your passion for daydreaming (and doodling!) with the sweetest essentials. 

Cancer • Scorpio • Pisces

Candle, $34File organizer, $15Sand timer, $25Laptop case, $35Pin, $12Laptop phone mount, $15Chalk, $14 Lunchbox, $30Wellness planner, $30 File folders, $16Popper pouch, $17

You're the go-to shoulder to cry on/vent to for all your besties—but as a sensitive water sign, you need to balance the drama with lots of unwinding time. These supplies let you show yourself some love. 

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by Erin Reimel | 8/5/2022