Star Signs

The perfect nail design for every star sign

Just like any other beauty or fashion choice, your nails are a super fun way to express yourself. While there are so many things that make you unique, your star sign shines a light on some major aspects of your personality. Why not show the world who you are with a zodiac-inspired nail look? Get ready to be the girl with the cutest nails... 



If anyone can pull off a red French tip, it's you, Aries. This look is bold and fierce, which reminds us of your fiery personality. We love this feisty twist on a classic mani. 



Taurus, as stubborn as you are, you're low-key a softie. Your down-to-earth personality makes you the perf fit for a classic, neutral look. Plus, minimalist nails are on-trend rn. 



The verdict is in, Gemini: your nails should be as bright and bold as you. Fun neons speak to your exciting and fun personality. Make 'em look, sis.



If anyone is going to wear their heart on their sleeve nails, it's you, Cancer queen. You move through life with your feelings in tact, and we love that about you. You're all heart, and we think that's beautiful.



We don't think anyone is surprised that we chose an eye-catching look for all our Leo sisters out there. It's only natural that your nails would be bold as well. 



Virgo, you're a whole vibe. This white floral mani is basically it's own aesthetic. If anyone could somehow make a minimalist look a bold statement, it's you, and these nails are up to the task.



Libra, we're pretty sure pink was made for you. We love the combo of a pink French tip with a floral design. It appeals to your charming personality without sacrificing your need for variety and excitement.



Do we even need to explain this choice? Scorpio, you're the definition of "boss babe," and this black mani lets everyone know what's up. You're one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac, and this mani embodies that. 



Sag, your style should showcase how creative, wild and fun you are. We love this minimalist, colorful rainbow look for that. It reminds us of unicorns and rollerblading on the beach, which is def your vibe.



You're classy, Cap. We thought a mani that stuck with classic shades would fit you best and highlight your grounded, earthy vibe. 



We knew we had to choose a nail design that is as unique as you, Aquarius. This neon look with cosmic accents is perf for your out-of-this-world personality.



We all know our Pisces queens are known for their emotional, sensitive nature. But if you're lucky enough to be close to a Pisces, you know they can also be bold. That's why we're loving this baby blue mani for you, Pisces. It speaks to your emotional and impactful personality.

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Slider image: @carovnails
Top image: @the_minimalist_manicurist


by Samantha Bothwell | 9/28/2023