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What to do when the gossip is about you

Everyone enjoys reading a little bit from tabloids here and there — ya know, celebrity breakups, celebrity hookups and all the details of our fave stars' lives. But sometimes rumors can be a little more personal than what you read in the magazines or what you see on TV. And when you start to hear rumors about yourself, it can be a pretty sticky situation. It’s tough to nix the lies without adding more drama to the situation, but we’ve got some tips on how to squash that rumor quickly and effectively.  

Don’t get revenge
The best way to shrink the drama is to *not* try to get back at the rumor-starter. Trying to spread rumors about the person who started yours is only going to add more drama to the situation — not a good idea. Doing so will also make it look like you're stooping to their level, too, and you are definitely above them.

Tell the truth
The easiest way to nip a rumor in the bud is to set the story straight. No matter how outrageous the rumor may be, there will still be someone that believes it. The most important thing to do now is to make sure that the people closest to you know the truth. As long as they’re there to back you up, no one else should matter.

Surround yourself with true friends
Not only is surrounding yourself with true friends the best way to avoid having a rumor started about you, but it is also the best way to get through the tough time once a rumor is actually started. Their support will show others that the rumor isn’t true, and they’ll be there to talk when things start to get messy.

Be assertive
If you know who started the rumor, confront him or her. Maybe she feels like you wronged her in some way, or maybe he had no reason for what he did. Either way, approaching the person is your best bet at getting an apology and/or making sure it doesn't happen again. 

by GL | 6/16/2020