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GIRL TALK: A Push In The Right Direction?

I love my BGF but it is like he is trying to avoid me and I don’t know why. I helped convince him to go to a specialty school for advanced literature because it is a really great opportunity for him, but now it is like he has no time for me. We used to be inseparable but now he will not even return my calls or emails, I know he still spends time with his other friends I just wish he would spend time with me too. Any suggestions?!???


Honesty is definitely the best policy. So call up your BGF and let him know exactly how you feel. You could say, “Hey, I understand you’re busy, but I really miss hanging out with you. Let me know when’s a good time and maybe we can get together for lunch some time.” It lets him know you’re thinking about him, but it doesn’t put any pressure on him to defend himself, which can make some dudes nervous and even more likely to avoid you.

By giving him time to contact you when it’s convenient for him, he’s more likely to pick up the phone to see what you’re doing. It is entirely possible that he’s super busy because of his advanced classes, but that’s no excuses for forgetting about his friends. Give him a week. If he doesn’t respond, then let him know you’re not going to sit around and wait for him. Because seriously girl, you shouldn’t.

Something’s up with him and if he’s not kind enough to let you know what’s going on, then maybe you should rethink your friendship. Remember, friendship is a two-way street and you shouldn’t be the one who always has to make the effort. You’re an awesome girl and you deserve the best of friends, the ones who can’t wait to hang out with you!

Lots of love,
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1/6/2009 12:33:00 PM