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Girl Talk: Growing Up Is Hard To Do


I think I might be anorexic. I've been looking at pro-anorexic sites and trying it out. I feel so bad, and so guilty. I feel bad lying to my mom and my grandma. I am just so confused and lonely (even though I have lots of friends). I told two of my BFFs. One so happens to be like me and the other lectures me all the time. She says if we don't eat, she won't eat, so we eat because we don't want her to be unhealthy. I want to talk to someone, but I can't tell anybody I know. (I just feel so old!) I can't stand it because the guy I like, likes someone else and I'm convinced it's because she's skinny. What do I do?'


Hey girl,

Today, the pressure to be thin can get really scary. I've seen a BFF go through an eating-disorder and it's a tough sitch. All the pics of super-skinny celebs often have regular gals like us feeling bad about our bodies. I know it's hard but you can definitely beat this.

First of all girl, don't feel old! Props to you for recognizing and admitting that you might have a prob. That's shows soo much maturity. You're growing up in a GOOD way!

I know it's so cliché but being skinny does not matter. Think of all the things you enjoy-- sleepovers with your BFFs, shopping, chatting up your crush--and think about how much of these things you'd miss out on if you were focused on being skinny. I've seen it happen to my BFF. Eating disorders take up so much of your life, not to mention can seriously damage your health. It's not worth the worry.

So how do you get out of this? Try talking to your mom, grandma or another adult you can trust. Tell them how you feel and how you want to fix this. Instead of focusing on NOT eating think of ways you can be healthier. Eat plenty of fruits, veggies and whole grains. Go for a run, bike or swim. When you LOVE your body it won't just make you feel awesome physically--you'll feel tons better mentally too.

As for the guy--anyone dude who likes a chick just because she's super thin isn't worth it! There's guys out there who will focus on the things about you that really matter--your super smile, great confidence and hilarious sense of humor.

Remember--LOVE your body…you've only got one. Once people see your confidence and how comfortable you are in your own skin, you'll have more friends and guys-admirers than Miley Cyrus has hit songs. Good luck girl! I know you can do it.


10/23/2007 10:00:36 AM