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October 31st was Kayla's favorite day. Halloween. A day filled with tricks, treats and scares here and there. Kayla always played a prank on one of her friends every year on Halloween, but it was the morning of Halloween and she had yet to come up with her prank. Just then, Kayla's phone beeped. She sighed and picked it up.

One New Text Message from Delia. It read: Field of Screams 2nite? I'll get u at 6. We grab MickeyDs and get in by dark? K?


She typed a quick message back: U no it! Hot pirates this year, rite?

Delia responded in seconds: Duh! C U then!

Just then, an idea struck her. Delia hadn't been her prank victim ever... so she would prank Delia at Field of Screams!

She spent the morning finalizing her plan. She'd ditch Delia at the end of the field, then jump out and scare her. It was brilliant! Satisfied with her plan and with only a few hours before Delia came to get her, Kayla went upstairs to get ready.

First she showered, then she put on her costume: knee-high boots, fish-net tights and a short red dress. And (oh yeah!) a pirates hat, duh!

Six o' clock on the dot, Delia arrived.

"Ready?" She asked

"You betcha!" Kayla answered

Kayla and Delia drove off and stopped at McDonald's along the way. At 7:14 they arrived at the Field of Screams. It was a corn maze where at every turn, something scary would jump out at you. It was $20 to get in. The rules were: (1) Please stay on the path, (2) Screaming is okay, (3) No staff member will touch you. Please report to customer service if they do.

"Thank God!” Delia exclaimed. "I have this thing about people touching me."

Kayla found this the perfect opportunity to continually poke her friend over and over. They giggled and then finally reached the front of the line.

"NEXT!" Screamed the ticket master.

Delia and Kayla handed over there 20 dollars and entered the maze. They screamed (and giggled) every time something jumped out at them. Kayla and Delia were hard to scare. They came here each year for a good laugh at what people thought was "scary".

About 10 minutes into the maze, Kayla leaned over to tell Delia how stupid this all was, but she wasn't there.


"Delia?" Kayla said in a small voice, "Dee? Delilah? DEEDEE! DELIA!" Kayla yelled louder each time. "You can come out now Dee..."


Just then something jumped out at her and she screamed loud. It looked like an eerie ghost, one of the costumes she and Delia would've laughed at. It had a stupid green tinge to it and the costume was all ragged, not really scary at all. But Kayla was scared because her best friend was missing at the scariest place you be at on Halloween night.


"DELIA! DELIA! DELIA!" Just then, something grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the corn. Kayla started to scream but it was stuck in her throat. A hand covered her mouth and pulled her even deeper into the corn.


She was so deep into the forest of corn that she was sure no one would be able to hear her muffled screams. The figure then pushed her down to the ground hard and stood over her. It was a clown, her worst fear, except worse. This clown's costume was all ripped up. He held a knife and had a leering smirk painted on his face. He looked like the creepiest version of the joker and a clown combined. As she looked closer, it appeared he had blood splattered all over. Kayla screamed.


"Shh!” The creepy clown said, raising his knife. Was Kayla going to be killed?


Just then, identical clowns emerged from the corn, holding knives and staring right at her. They formed a tight circle around her, no chance at escape. They closed in on her, and one of them raised his knife to her neck.


"You're going to die, Kayla," they whispered in unison. Kayla closed her eyes and hoped it would be a quick death. What had she done to deserve being killed? And where the heck had Delia gone? Was she cornered somewhere else?


Just then, the clowns all lowered their knives and erupted into giggles. Huh? Was this funny to them, killing someone? Who the heck were these people?


She heard a rustling in the corn, scared of what was to come next. It was—Delia?


"Gotcha" The clowns and Delia whispered.

"What the heck?!" Kayla screamed at her best friend.

"It was time for the prankster to get pranked." Delia answered smoothly.

Then all the clowns removed their masks. Under each one was someone she had pranked each year since she was 5. They were all there.

"This is so ridiculous," Kayla screamed. "I've never gone to making you think you were going to be killed!"

"It was only a matter of time before you did," said Mark, her sixth grade boyfriend. She made him think he was seeing things. He broke up with her.

"Look,” piped in Lori, her ex-BFF. “We were just trying to teach you a lesson. You're ruining relationships with your pranks and it was getting out of hand. It needed to STOP... now.”


She had pranked Lori her last year, her best prank yet. Kayla had given her stalker notes containing secrets about her only she could know, with no signature. When Lori confronted her, Kayla showed her a letter as well she had gotten from the “stalker”, too. Kayla had written herself a letter to make Lori think there was a stalker on the loose! Lori told her parents and they figured out it was just Kayla messing with her. Lori's parents banned her from their house.

Some dude in a uniform walked into the clearing with a flashlight.

"What are you kids doing? We heard screaming. Do you realize that the number one rule is to stay on the path? This is an off limits area for employees only. I'm going to have to escort you out. Follow me. I doubt you would've been able to find your way out on your own, anyway."

Everyone followed the guy out, not saying a word.

"You're lucky we don't press charges," he said, "You damaged quite a lot of corn. You are now banned from here every season of Field of Screams. Now, get, before we change our minds."

Delia and Kayla got into Delia's car without speaking. Delia started it up, but didn't move. Kayla gave her a sideways glance.

"Are you mad?" Kayla said nothing, but glared at her. "Please don't be mad..." Kayla humphed and turned away in disgust.

Delia's face fell and she backed the car out of the parking space.

At first Kayla was ticked. They made her think she was about to be killed! But weren't they right? It was only a matter of time before she did something like that. Last years prank had gotten close to as bad as this and how many boyfriends had broken up with because of pranking? How many enemies had she made? How much trouble had she gotten into over the years? Maybe it was time to put her tradition to rest...

At the next stoplight, Kayla looked at Delia. Delia looked back. Kayla hugged her friend tight and whispered in her ear, "Thanks."
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by GL Reader | 2/1/2016
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