A Sestina

By Meg B.

Beneath the tree we sit together
Wind whistling through the leaves
As he reaches for my hand
A shiver runs down my back
Unable to do anything but turn up my lips
Into a smile, our eyes locked
Our souls are wound together and locked
Forever together
A soft “I love you” comes from his lips
I pray in my mind that he never leaves
The tree rough against my back
Here we are now hand in hand
‘Don’t ever let go of my hand’
This is where they shall stay, locked
Never to the real world will we go back
In our own world we will stay… together
Jumping in piles of leaves
 I part my lips
But nothing comes out of my lips
So to say it I tightly squeeze his hand
He looks at me with an intensity that leaves
My heart thumping and the rhythm locked
Perhaps we will always be together
Never looking back
Would we ever come back?
Once again I turned up my lips
Him returning the gesture making the picture of us together
Complete. To lighten the moment I swung my hand
Our fingers tightly locked
 A beautiful season with all of the falling leaves
Bursts of colors caught my eye, all the random leaves
One brushes down my back
Our lives completely locked
And for the first time our lips
Brush together, another tight squeeze, this time from his hand
Now until the end of time, we are together
Never do we look back, only ahead do we see the leaves
Away together we walk hand in hand
Now our lips turned up and eyes locked


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5/31/2008 2:34:00 PM
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