SOUND OFF: You Wrote It


By: Anonymous

Friends forever
You always said
A simple game to trick my head
To make me think you truly cared
Of all the secrets that I shared
The lies you told behind my back
The truth came like a sudden smack
I told you everything
Not a care did you show
I opened my heart
Told you things no one should know
You promised a secret it would always be
But soon you had to back stab me
I knew there was something I shouldn't trust
But that was taken over by lust
Lust for a friend I will never know
Didn't you care how I tried to show
The good life brought with two friends
Too bad it was all pretend
I trusted you with all my heart
Now you have gone and ripped it apart
The tears I cried everyday after school
When you with other girls, the ones that were "cool"
Until one day they turned on you
You wanted a friend, someone who was true
I remember that day when you came back to me
And I knew it wasn't meant to be
I said goodbye and watched you leave
Never to return to me
A friend you thought that I would be
Don't make that mistake again with me

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2/3/2008 1:12:35 PM
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