To Love a Girl

By Rose F.

If you want to love a girl,
you have to dig real deep.
If you want that girl to love you back,
all her secrets you must keep.

Even if you get mad,
and end up in a fight,

you should know no matter what,
that you should do what’s right.

If you want to love a girl,
just be kind to all her friends.

If they don't like you then you’re gone,
well, that just depends.

If you make her heart race,
and jump into her throat.

If you would suffer for her,
offer her your coat.

If you treat her like she's special,
an extraordinary girl,

then before your eyes,
she'll start to unfurl.

All the tears and all the lies,
that were underneath her skin,

they're coming out and she'll be glad,
that she had let you in.


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6/28/2008 11:59:00 AM
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