Quiz - What's your crush-snagging strategy?

Potential BFs are abound, so it's only natural that you want in on the chocolate-and-flowers fun. That means it's time to tap into your natural boy-magnet powers. Take this quiz to pinpoint your personality's best attract-him attributes. 

Between classes, you’re most likely to be found…


Last summer when you met Nick, you were so inseparable that your camp pals even gave you two a coupled-up, tabloid-esque nickname. Which memory keeps your heart aflutter and makes you wanna mail in this years registration, stat?


Your BFF Taylor is running for student-council prez. She has appointed you her campaign manager. What’s your plan of action to get the buzz on her side?


You’re whizzing around the mall for something cute to wear to a surprise party for your crush. You have a half hour before your mom picks you up. You dash to the checkout with…


It’s Friday night, and your BFF Jen and her BF Todd have set you up on the blind side of a double date with Todd’s buddy, who goes to school one town away. The movie you wanted to see is sold out. What’s Plan B?


You’re chillin’ in Jen’s basement for double date round two. After you and Jen say buenas noches to the guys, you tell her you realize fix-up boy isn’t right for you. What wasn’t working?


You’re on a weekend ski trip with your fam when you realize the Nick Jonas look-a-like from Spanish class is behind you for the lift. You’ve swapped tests to peer-grade before, so it’s not like you’re total strangers. What do you do?


Your social studies teacher has asked everyone to choose one item to put into a time capsule that you’ll bury, so in 10 years, the class of 2025 can dig it up. What do you contribute?