Quiz - What’s your love language?


As people, we're all pretty unique. So it makes sense that when it comes to showing one another how we feel, we all have a very different way of showing it. Wondering how y-o-u express your love for others? Take this quiz, and find out what your love language *really* is.


Your bestie is having a tough time with some family problems. You want to show her you care, so you:


Your little bro hit two home runs in his baseball game, and you’re really proud of him. Afterwards, you:


Your mom cooked your family an amazing meal for dinner. To let her know you appreciate it, you:


You got in a big fight with your sister, but you feel bad about it and want to make it up to her, so you:


It’s Valentine’s Day, and your boyfriend wants to know what you want to do. You tell him you want to:


Your friends are doing a secret gift exchange. Your favorite part is:


Your dad surprised you with a day trip to a nearby city. You: